Video marketing has become one of the most widely used methodologies verses traditional marketing approaches (print, radio, television and so on). In order to promote online businesses and reach potential customers, new age businesses must employ web video marketing technologies. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 online purchasers watched an on-line video prior to their purchase. However if the video is not shot skillfully this can deter the buyer and/or online client.
When it comes to your internet video presence it is critical that you begin with the end result in mind. First define the objective as to what you want your on-line videos to achieve. Ask yourself, do I want to educate, close a sale, demonstrate a product, provide a virtual consultation or even some in-service videos, such as ones used by EMS personnel for remote continuing ed. What ever the goal, it is now absolutely necessary to have your own video catalog representing your businesses products and services. This is an ongoing process that requires continuous updates as products and procedures change so should your video library. In the case where you choose not to create such a video catalog, then you will be left behind as your competitors will surely move in this direction.
Video marketing is all about using the popularity of videos to deliver your message to your target market. It is your secret marketing tool, to date not many people have taken advantage of it yet. Video marketing is on the rise, so you better take advantage of it before it gets away. Marketing your website or product is vastly streamlined through the creation of a video and can become the most powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to product launches. How can the cost of a video be justified? The answer to this will be forth coming in future articles, so stay tuned.
Just imagine in the last 10 minutes how many videos do you think where uploaded to YouTube and all other video hosting platforms (CNN, Vimeo and so on)? The number is staggering and it is constantly changing but to give you a general idea lets just say for every minute that passes 10 hours of video is uploaded and this is on the low side. At this very moment company's large and small are having videos created, however most believe that it is OK to hire anyone with a video camera that says they are a videographer.
Well before you move forward you will need to verify how many videos they have produced. Now you will need to validate the number of views each video has received. This can be achieved by visiting there Video Marketing YouTube channel and looking for the number of views. In the case where the videographer cannot demonstrate viewership in the form of a YouTube counter then most likely they do not track viewership. Also make certain that they are showing you their channel and not someone else's, as is sometime the case. If you determined they do not have viewership then find another videographer, unless you plan on marketing these videos yourself. Unfortunately video production and viewership is a small part of the process. Video Marketing SEO is the single most important element in Ranking the video after you upload it of course this is easier said than done.
As more and more people have video produced and load them up to video distribution networks such and YouTube, a larger number of key word phrases become harder and harder to rank for due to the heavy competition. It would be best to schedule and have your video produced by some one that can get your video rank.
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