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You may be amazed when you learn about the many ways green energy can be used in the home, techniques that are easy to implement and don't cost a fortune. We've written this article to provide you with many tips and tricks that can help you enjoy all the rewards green energy brings.

Solar panels can be easily installed on your home and are used to collect energy from the sun for use in your home. However, you must consider a few issues before getting started. The most important consideration is how much your home is exposed to sunlight. If the area is shady, or you are in a region that doesn't receive much sunshine, then you won't be gaining much power.

Clean filters or replace them to ensure your furnace is appropriating at prime efficiency. You should put filters in registers that are warm-air too. Doing so will prevent debris in heating ducts and it reduces energy.

You can reduce the amount of electricity that you use, and be a better energy user by removing chargers that power your devices from outlets when they are not in use. They may not be currently in use, but items such as cell phone chargers, laptops and mp3 players draw energy when left plugged in.

Plan out and calculate your energy consumption rates for your home solar system for the winter months so that you know what you can consumer on a daily basis. That way you won't run out of energy during winter months, and you will have more than enough in the summer. If you generate excess energy during the summer, with the right plan, your utility company will send you a check!

Only run your dishwasher when it is completely full. Avoid running the dishwasher when there isn't a full load to run. With a little effort, you will be amazed by how much you can fit in one load. Think carefully about where you place each dish for optimal storage in the washer.

Storm doors and windows help control air flow into a home. This will reduce drafts, make your home more comfortable, and reduce your energy usage. Energy efficiency can be increased up to 45% in a home with storm windows and doors.

Closely monitor how many watts you are using. Watt Minder and Kill-A-Watt are both tools that help to monitor energy consumption. Plug these gadgets into an appliance to find out how much energy is used in an hour, a month or a year. You can then use this information to find out how much the appliance really costs to run.

A solar energy array can be the cheapest way to getting your hot water. Consider investing in a hot-water system that runs off of solar energy. There are direct circulation systems and also direct ones. The indirect system is best if you don't want to worry about your pipes freezing in the winter.

Dressing warmly can help you reduce energy and go green. A sweater that is light can provide 2 degrees of extra warmth, while a heavy one provides 4. You do not have to dress lightly at home, so save money by putting on a sweater and turning down the heat!

The benefits of green energy should be easy to see now that these tips have been shown to you. Also, using green energy has positive affects on the environment. Use what you've learned today and you'll be amazed at how easy going green was!

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